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it is most widely distributed crop of world being grown in diverse seasons. maize is world wide used about 3500 product of different uses is feed, food and also serve  as a source of basic row material of number of industries like feed,starch,ethanol alcoholic,beverages,food sweetener,pharma and cosmetic etc.


Wheat is the cereals grains cultivated world wide. wheat is the third most produced cereals after maize and rice.


Also called rice paddy,rice paddy in India most life live food grains.


Rice Husk are hard protecting covering of grains of rice.rice husk can be use as building materials fertilizers insulation materials.

rice Brain

Rice bran is a byproduct of the rice milling process (the conversion of brown rice to white rice, and it contains various that impart beneficial effects on human health. A major rice bran fraction contains 12%-13% oil and highly unsaponifiable components (4.3%). citation needed This fraction contains tocotrienols (a form of vitamin E), gamma-oryzanol and beta-sitosterol; all these constituents may contribute to the lowering of the plasma levels of the various parameters of the lipid profile. Rice bran also contains a high level of dietary fibres (beta-glucan, pectin and gum)

soya grits

Soya is hailed as the most protective bean. Soy contains 40 percent protein. It has the highest protein content amongst plant products. “Soy protein” refers to the protein found in soybeans. As animal protein contains all the essential amino acids, lacking in pulse protein, soy is often used to replace the animal proteins in an individual's diet.